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Mixed skin duo: Eye serum + Combination to oily skin

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Duo: Eye serum + Combination to oily skin


Eye serum: Moisturizer serum for the eye contour. Formulated with a high percentage of Hyaluronic acid and different types of hydrosol. It will provide hydration to the thin skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of the wrinkles and delaying aging. Aloe vera on it has a cooling effect that will help reduce puffiness and dark circles in the long term, calming the area and favoring microcirculation.


Combination to Oily Skin: Applying natural oils on the skin is the best solution for oily skin, since they blend in with your own sebum to balance your skins oil production and dissolve excess oil. Ultimately your skin will feel hydrated and balanced and will stop producing oil in excess.


Eye Serum


This concentrate of Hyaluronic acid is specifically designed for the most sensitive area of the face. Significantly reduces toxin accumulation, decreases eye puffiness, dark circles and provides a brighter look.

Combination to Oily Skin



For a bright and matte skin without unwanted shine.

Daily use of this cream will restore your skin secretions, avoid clogged pores and breakouts, unwanted shine and in some cases even dermatitis and will give a healthy unified glowing skin tone.


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