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Luminous freshness duo: Face toner + Recovery overnight serum

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Luminous freshness duo: Face toner + Recovery overnight serum

Recovery overnight serum: Our serum will give the skin a healthy glow and an amazing velvet appearance on a perfect nourished skin.
Face toner: Alcohol free mist skin toner to calm and refresh. It shrinks skin’s pores and restores PH´s balance. It reduces irritation, redness and adds layers of protection, tighten cell gaps after cleansing. It hydrates the skin and can be used several times along the day, providing hydration and a pleasant feeling of comfort in the skin.


Face Toner


Calms, relaxes, freshens, restores and balances skins pH for a skin free from blemishes and desquamation. Alcohol free.





Recovery overnight serum


Daily use will have a lifting effect in your tissues. It fights formation of free radicals and minimize photoaging effects on the skin, transepidermic barrier water loss and enhance collagen production during sleep. All of this effects combined will lift your skin and add density to your tissues resulting in an younger looking appearance.




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