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Our skin
needs to be
protected to
look beautiful

A perfect skin is the result of a balanced diet and external care to provide hydration, elasticity and brightness.

Skin can be easily damaged by the action of sunlight. Light promotes the formation of free radicals generated by oxidative metabolism of the cells in our body. Free radicals are molecules with great oxidative power that produce ageing, together with transepidermic water loss and a decrease in collagen production.

The oxidative stress is the uncontrolled production of free radicals that provokes cellular damage because of the oxidation of macromolecules like proteins, lipids and DNA.

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Vista una crema hidratante especial para pieles sensible

Olimed Natural cosmetics
uses an specific formulation
to fight damage
caused by sunlight.

All our ingredients have been carefully chosen to be compatible with our skin and are easily absorbed by our cells, minimizing the risk of intolerance or allergic reactions.

They all have a high content in polyfenols that stimulate the production of proteins involved in cellular survival.

Natural ingredients, such as Extra Virgin Olive oil, has been widely proven to be effective for skin treatment because of its hydrating and firming properties and also for the high protection it offers against external aggressions.

Some components of Natural and essential oils have a high content of triglyceride, fatty acid and squalene and are key to keeping skin’s external layer cohesive. They preserve skin hydration and contribute to its flexibility by reducing lipid deficiency. Also the antioxidant content in olive oil (poliphenols, vitamin E and oleic acid) works on free radicals, delaying skin’s ageing.

Olimed’s main advantage in the fight of skin deterioration are the powerful antioxidants Hidroxitirosol or Oleuropeina, that have been isolated after years of investigation. Their effectiveness surpasses by far the results of conventionally used antioxidants such as Vitamin C or E. Both are key in reducing cellular ageing and blocking external signs of it, like wrinkles, puffiness and dark spots on skin. Also Hidroxitirosol shows important lipophile and hydrophile properties which makes it ideal for skincare use and Oleuropeina acts directly on the skin, destroying free radicals (inhibiting the propagation of oxidative chain reactions) caused by UV and environmental pollution.

Our products are also rich in Tocopherols, Linolenic acid and Resveratrol (powerful antioxidants) all present in Grapeseed oil, a great bactericide. Also Our formulas present a high content of other components  like Proantocianidyne, that gives an uniform look to the skin.


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